Reporting in from a recent photography jag: SeaGlass of Santa Barbara California produces a reasonably priced ($13) and drinkable sauvignon blanc.

Color: pale yellow-green.

Taste: clean, initially light on the tongue building to a middle burst of sea grass and grapefruit, ending with a whiplash tart finish.  0 to 60 in about 5 seconds. Minerals? Not so much. I think the name SeaGlass is an apt fit; the aftertaste contains a morsel of ocean air. Not quite salt air and calcium, but something close.

Smell: subtle fruits, no blossom, quiet.

I agree with SeaGlass, this wine would pair well with shellfish or pastas. It’s interesting enough on its own and unlikely to overpower your main course.

Would I buy it again? Yes, when it’s on sale for $10 with my Kroger card. At the regular price of $13, it’s a no-go.


Hello there!  It is my pleasure to review a wine that J’adore!

Today we review a Sauvignon White Bordeaux wine from France, produced by Chateau Montet, an arm of Chateau Haut Guillebot, located in the Dordogne region of France.  It costs $8.99. Translation: It’s a white wine from the South Eastern region of France and it’s inexpensive.

Bottom Line: Don’t let the price fool you; it’s a buy, buy, buy. If I could stock my bedroom closet full of this stuff, I would (but where would I put my shoes?).

The pink label pays homage to its female owner heritage; beyond that, the label is fairly bla. The wine is not.

Warning: If you like your wine sweet, read no further; this wine is not for you. If on the other hand, you like your wine as dry as a calcium block with a hint of grapefruit, go for it.

Oh dear. It seems I’ve broken Wineguider’s cardinal rule about no Wine Snob talk. Carrying on… this wine reminds me of sitting on a porch in summer, under a perfect sky, my feet up … with a cool drink. In France. Where I don’t live. This wine makes me forget that I have work on Monday morning. And that’s what I love about Chateau Montet’s Sauvignon; its timelessness and ability to transport.

What it is not: Sweet. Complex. Expensive.

What it is: Dry. Light. Simple. Grapefruit overtones with a mineral finish that lingers on the tongue. Hits all the right bells, without blowing my budget. At $8.99, I can buy two; one for my friend’s party and the other for my bedroom closet.

Highly recommended.